Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium : What Are Main Difference?

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium. Spotify is basically a music streaming app that has millions of songs available for streaming Spotify is now very popular in the music streaming industry. Spotify’s free and paying users both have the ability to access the same music library of ‘over 40 million songs. But in Spotify, they are two different plan one is free account and the other one is the premium account. In Premium account you need to pay $9.99 dollar per month because of it the Extra feature.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. But Spotify has two different variations like Spotify free and Spotify premium. So let’s about know about the difference between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium.


Price Affordability:

Spotify Free means that users can listen to songs, playlists or albums at freely. For using Spotify, you need to sing up a Spotify account with your email or you can log in with FaceBook.

The difference to the Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, Spotify free is available to everyone at No Cost. Again Spotify Premium is available at $9.99 per month. By the way, there is a 30-day free trial of Premium that you can see whether the Premium subscription is suitable for you. Once the expiry date comes, Spotify will cancel the subscription automatically.

Audio quality:

Audio Quality is very much improving in premium version Spotify. Basically, Spotify helps has 3 different type bit rate in audio playback. In the Spotify Free Version, you only able to listen 96kbps in the smartphone that can also be increased into 160kbps for personal computers. In free version Spotify the audio quality is not much good. it is not very specific or clear. Again, Spotify premium Version is available with high-quality audio settings. You can listen to the high-quality sound 320kbps on both your computer and smartphone.


Spotify is included as an amazing alternative where you can tune in to music and have a brilliant ordeal. There are new track alternatives that you can play utilizing Spotify. It has intriguing highlights that work the equivalent as that of the promotions on TV that is best appropriate for organizations. This can be utilized in cell phones and PCs. For the free form, you should watch the notices, then again, Spotify Premium is redesigned where you can appreciate tuning in to music with no notices.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium: Should You Update to Premium or Keep Free

Spotify FreeSpotify Premium
MonthlyFree$9.99 (or $4.99 for students or $14.99 for a 6-account family deal)
Annual PriceFree$99
Music LibraryOver 40 million songsOver 40 million songs plus newly issued songs
AvailabilityPCs, smartphones, connected devices, smart TVs, PS3 & PS4, Android Auto, Apple CarplayPCs, smartphones, connected devices, smart TVs, PS3 & PS4, Android Auto, Apple Carplay
Special FeaturesMobile streamingAd-free and Offline listening; Unlimited skips; Mobile streaming
Audio Quality96kbps and 160kbps96kbps, 160kbps, and 320kbps


However, if you are a music lover who has high-quality requirements for music, and would like to take a full control of playlist and album and get rid of ads, Spotify Premium is a wonderful investment for you to getting good listening experience. If you think the price is a little experience, you can use DRmare Music Converter for Spotify to download and convert Spotify DRM songs to common MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, M4B formats, and then you can keep Spotify Premium for free forever.


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